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"My son has been going to The Broadway Mentors Program for a year and I have to say that Ms. Joy Lober is an amazing teacher!  She is a one of a kind teacher who not only teaches the proper vocal techniques but places great emphasis on breathing and posture as well.  She always encourages my son and offers suggestions that are specific to him.  I have seen my son grow and expand his range of voice since we have started with Ms. Lober.  He is definitely more confident and continues to be inspired because of Ms. Lober!  She is a wonderful teacher, ALWAYS helpful in giving feedback and suggestions and ALWAYS finds ways to be creative in teaching my son.  She's down-to-earth, super friendly and is great with my son and to anyone that comes to her class.  You automatically can tell that she loves what she does and it shows when she interacts with her students, parents and anyone that comes in contact with her!


The Broadway Mentor Program is a slice of NYC in a NJ area.  She offers Master Classes where students have the opportunity to meet with Broadway and Hollywood performers, Tony award winners and producers to help with mentoring students.  It's an amazing opportunity for any student to be exposed to and Ms. Joy delivers!


I don't think you could find anyone who cares about her students as much as Ms. Joy does!  She's professional, caring, a truly talented singer, mentor and teacher!"


- Jenn Po



"The Broadway Mentors Program is wonderful. My daughter has been going to Joy for vocal lessons for over two years and has grown tremendously. Joy loves her students and bring out their best. She has numerous connections in the industry (Broadway performers, producers and casting agents, etc.) that come out to Somerville to teach master classes. What an amazing opportunity!  My daughter has attended these classes multiple times and absolutely loves them. We are very fortunate to have such an amazing teacher and mentor right here in central N.J.!!


- Colleen Cooper



"My daughter has been attending The Broadway Mentors Program for approximately 3 years.  Joy Lober has helped my daughter improve her singing and acting skills tremendously.  She is never rude or condescending and when she gives feedback it is because it is necessary for growth as a performer.  She is a very caring teacher who will follow up with suggestions or things she thinks about that might be good for you even if it is not your scheduled lesson.


The Broadway Mentors Program has some fantastic teachers who come in to run master classes.  They are small so that the student can get more personal attention.  They are not the 3rd understudy of a role - most are Tony award winners or someone very experienced in the real world of this business.


As for pricing, anyone knowledgable of what voice and acting lessons cost in Manhattan or other studios know that her prices are quite reasonable.  You are getting a NYC technique right in Central NJ!"


- Lauren Bozzuti



"Ever since I joined classes with Joy, I have had such a huge amount of growth! She is the best teacher I have ever had. She lets your own creativity expand, and helped me with so many things I had been having trouble with for a long time. Joy definitely made me more confident, and I am no longer afraid to express my emotions while singing and acting!"


- Julieta age 12


"It is so much fun to work with Joy! I have been with her for almost a year, and she has already taught me more than any teacher could have ever taught their students. But she does not treat me like a teacher, she treats me like a mom, because she is like a second one to me! She has inspired me to be creative, classy, and cute. But most of all, she has taught me to always reach for the moon , and even if you fail, you will still end up in the stars."


- Valentina age 10



 "I approached Joy with an interest in singing and acting. She created a safe, dynamic space to learn, and challenged me to try new things. Joy has helped me understand my emotional depth, and has taught me to accept and enjoy the vulnerability of performance. I better developed my sense of self and confidence. Though brief, I really value our lessons, and feel that the skills I developed have continued to serve me in school, work, and life."


-  Ellie age 21


 "I am so happy to have found Joy!  I noticed a difference during my first lesson.  After just a few lessons, I was able to hit notes I had struggled with for a while. She is helping me to grow as a singer and the teaching me proper voice technique so that I can have a long career.  Lessons with Joy are fun and have boosted my confidence."


- Paris B age 11


"When I started taking voice lessons with Joy, I had been singing all my life but was lacking in proper vocal technique. I feel I am constantly enlightened and improving vocally with her lessons. She deeply cares and is invested in her students. She teaches honestly but kindly,  passionately and patiently. Joy is extremely knowledgeable in her craft and has given me a lot of confidence in my singing ability. Thank you, Joy!"


- Alexa Ortiz, age 31




Testimonials - Master Classes


"My 16-year-old son recently participated in an audition master class through the Broadway Mentors Program. Aside from the educational value of observing other students present their material and be critiqued by a major casting agent, he received a special invitation to audition for a new Broadway show. I highly recommend this excellent program and applaud Joy Lober’s dedication to educating young musical theatre artists”.


- Mia Riker-Norrie

General Director, Opera Theatre of Montclair

Director, Montclair Voice Studio


"In the past few months, I have now attended 2 master classes at The Broadway Mentors Program, the first being with Joanna Gleason & the most recent, with Anthony Rapp. Both of these performers are well known in the industry & had a great deal to offer as instructors to up & coming performers on stage. Each had their own unique take & spin on things, so nothing was repetitive by taking more than one class. The classes themselves are large enough that there is energy to bounce off of, but small enough that you get the proper individualized attention from the mentors. I would highly recommend looking into one of the classes this school offers!"


-Melissa Hope


"Hi Joy!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all of your work setting up this program, and Joanna Gleason's class especially. Her work with us, both individually and as a group, has provided me with exactly what I've needed both as general encouragement and, far more importantly, as a refinement and readjustment in my own focus as an artist, interpreter, and performer. It is my hope and intent to lift and be lifted by this renewed enthusiasm and dedication for some time to come, and to use her lessons to reinforce my own foundations and continue building from there.


Again, thank you!"

-Thom B.





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