"I’ve been a working actor and entertainer for over 60 years and it is my pleasure to endorse and praise and give a huge shout out to and for Joy Lober. Joy is quite simply one of the most talented people I’ve ever met and I’ve met and worked with a bunch including Jerry Seinfeld, Tim Allen, Linda Lavin and Patrick Stuart to name but a few. Joy is a great mentor and I look forward to seeing the young men and women whom she will inspire in the next few years”.


-Patrick Cronin Emmy Nominee





Members $85.00 per hour


$320.00 monthly (discounted 4 one hour classes)


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Voice Lessons








Joy's vocal training has included studies with:


• Don & Marty Lawrence – Voice Teachers (NYC) (Mick Jagger, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, Bono, Lady Gaga, Bon Jovi)


• Maestro Carmine Gagliardi (Student of Pasquale Amato) at the Manhattan School of Music

(B.Mus.; M.Mus.) in New York City.





























Members $85.00 per hour


$320.00 monthly (discounted 4 one hour classes)


Non Members $95 per hour


$360.00 monthly (discounted 4 one hour classes)




Acting Lessons







Joy's acting training has included studies with:


• Jeff Corey- His students, at various times, included James Coburn, Richard Chamberlain, James Dean, Jane Fonda, Peter Fonda, Michael Forest, James Hong, Sally Kellerman, Shirley Knight, Penny Marshall, Jack Nicholson, Darrell M. Smith, Diane Varsi, Sharon Tate, Rita Moreno, Leonard Nimoy, Sally Forrest, Anthony Perkins, Rob Reiner, Robert Towne, Barbra Streisand and Robin Williams.


• Gail Kobe- Actress Gail Kobe was most commonly known for her roles in television dramas. Kobe began her career with roles in "The Edge of Night" (1955-1985), the Charlton Heston adventurous drama "The Ten Commandments" (1956) and "The Twilight Zone" (CBS, 1959-1964). Kobe also appeared in "Peyton Place" (ABC, 1964-69), "Bright Promise" (NBC, 1969-1972) and "The Legend of Lizzie Borden" (ABC, 1974-75). She also worked on "Texas" (NBC, 1979-1983). Later in her career, Kobe produced "The Bold and the Beautiful" (CBS, 1986-2015).


• Delia Salvi- Professor emerita in the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television



"I have been in the business, mostly as an actress but also as a film and television director. I was nominated three times for an Emmy award, received one, have studied with Lee Strasberg as well as a few others and I must say Joy Lober is a sensational teacher. Experience is the best teacher and the hours Joy has logged as a professional on stage is massive.  You can trust her with your talent, your time, and your heart.”


- Melanie Mayron

Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series “Thirtysomething”

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