Our Story

Joy Lober Anderson - Executive Director

Tracy Anderson - Associate Director

The Broadway Mentors Program became a heartfelt endeavor for mother and daughter team, Joy and Tracy Anderson many years before it's inception in 2014.


Although Joy had been an active participant in Show Business throughout her life on a high professional level, she decided to put her career on the back burner whilst raising her daughter and settled into suburban family life.


Tracy, like many of her young school friends attended local dance classes, had piano and violin lessons, and participated in school shows - having many of the leading roles in the productions. Following in her mother's footsteps, Tracy began to show very strong signs of true talent for the dramatic and musical arts. At the age of 21 Tracy became an intern at The Weinstein Company in New York City and began following her dreams as an actress and future film maker.


Tracy and Joy, realizing the need for "Real Deal" exposure and education to this sensitive art form, set out to create a program that brought major Broadway Stars and Tony Award Winners to the Central New Jersey area and have now expanded to New York City and across the US. The idea that "passing the torch" and sharing the generosity of spirit that the Mentors bring to their classes, as well as the vast knowledge they share on what it takes to be truly successful in theatre arts, has been a life changer for many of the students.


Joy and Tracy work side by side in an approachable and caring manner, so that all students and Mentors feel like "family" and always feel supported in their quest for true and authentic training.

"Joy brings pure joy and more to the Broadway Mentors Program. Having been part of

The Jazz Mentors Program series of Masterclasses that Joy had founded in 2006, I can attest to her professionalism and commitment to bringing the best-available knowledge, experience and passion for the arts to students under her care.”


— Peter Erskine

Two Time Grammy Award Winner, Honorary Doctorate from The Berklee School of Music

Professor of Practice, Thornton School of Music, University of Southern California


About Joy

Joy Lober Anderson,


Having sung for four US Presidents, and touring with the likes of Jazz legend Buddy DeFranco, Country great Hoyt Axton ( A & M Records), singing a duet with Michael Jackson on the hit recording "One Day in Your Life" (Motown Records), and performing the lead role as Eva Peron in the National Tour of Evita for 2 1/2 years,(ALT) under the direction of Broadway's most legendary director Harold Prince and working directly Andrew Lloyd Weber. Joy also had the privilege to be the featured solo opening act for Comedic legends Red Skelton and Dom DeLuise and has also written songs and performed songs that can be heard on HBO films and PBS specials as well source music for several featured films starring Tom Hanks and also Jessica Lang. Joy is clearly diversified in many aspects of the "Real-Deal" entertainment industry and is now "passing the torch" along with illustrious Broadway, many Tony Award winners, to the next generation of aspiring performers.


Joy is founder and executive director of The Broadway Mentors Program, is from a third generation “Show Biz” family. Her father was a child vaudeville star who tapped and sang with the likes of Al Jolson and Eddie Cantor, while her grandmother Edith played piano for silent picture shows. Edith became a vocal coach. While other children baked cookies with their grandmothers, Joy was learning songs at the piano as mom-mom Edith coached the tiny tot.


Joy started out, like most young performers passionate about their paths, by joining a prominent Philadelphia landmark community theater at the age of 11, attending rehearsals after school and working every weekend with lead roles in Children Show productions. The training and mentoring was priceless, as Joy watched the adults in rehearsals for the evening productions. The adult actors taught the kids the discipline needed to be on time, to know their lines and music, and most of all to give more than 100 percent of their heart, soul, and talent to their craft.


At the age of 20 Joy was the featured vocalist with The Glenn Miller Orchestra under the direction of jazz legend Buddy DeFranco touring the US, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and England.  Joy then toured the United States as a member of the The New Christy Minstrels. At 21 Joy performed in her first Actor’s Equity Production – “Company” starring George Maharis and Vivian Blaine (Guber/Gross Productions) under the direction of Jerry Adler and choreographed by Dan Siretta.


Relocating to Los Angeles in the mid 1970s, Joy was given a full scholarship to the Los Angeles Civic Light Opera. She continued her acting studies with the renowned actor and acting teachers Jeff Corey and Gail Kobe.

Joy was privileged to have shared the stage with Phyllis Diller, (Joy Lober), Joey Heatherton, President Nixon, Irving Berlin, Sammy Davis Jr., Pat Nixon, and Bob Hope, for a White House performance. (see picture from left to right)  


Credits aside, Joy found another calling. Having started in the business as a young child and having been active through her teens and into adulthood, she realized the business had changed immensely. Shows like Glee, and Disney moving to Broadway, brought on a whole new interest to the theater. Families were exposing their children to live theater more than ever before, as live theater catered to the family experience. This new found appreciation and desire to be a part of the exciting future of theater, had its pitfalls. Some schools and “managers” and “internet agencies” saw an opportunity to tap into vulnerable parents and kids enthusiasm. Some legitimate, some not.


It was then that Joy realized how important it is to the young, and also the not so young artist to have true Mentors who had been there, had paid their dues, and who were truly the humblest artists around with the greatest gifts to offer.


The Broadway Mentors Program is composed of Celebrity artists that have been handpicked to be those Mentors! To not only teach the “Real Deal” skills of the art of auditioning and performing…but to gently guide those on the Broadway Mentors Program with the wisdom of their experience.


Joy will also be teaching both acting and vocal classes, as well as career counseling, on an ongoing basis in Somerville NJ to the delight of the families and students who are fortunate enough to be in proximity to her studio.


There will also be classes on the “business of the business” – answering questions about Union affiliations, Photos, Agents, etc, – as well as a focus on performance. Because of the small class sizes, there will be a waiting list for those not able to make the cut with the Mentor of their choice. Reservations for the classes will be on a first come first served basis.


This program, very different from most, has its Master Class Program based upon a small interactive group, a “roll up your sleeves” acting/musical theater workshop setting that will not only prepare students for opportunities in New York and Los Angeles, but will also forge personal relationships with the professionals who are in the middle of it all.


Please choose the class/classes as soon as you are able so you can insure your space.

Contact Joy directly to reserve your class by emailing her at: Joy@broadwaymentorsprogram.com


To those about to embark on this exciting and challenging career- we wish you all the success and joy this glorious business can offer you. Our pledge is to be there for you, and to add you to our new family of students and Mentors who will make a difference for generations to come. Welcome!”



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